Space Links home page -- Good site for generic space news.
Marshall Space Flight Center History Office Page -- Outstanding site for rocket and early spaceflight history.
FLORIDA TODAY home page -- Good site for Space Coast news.
Space industry news -- Good info on programs and upcoming launches.
NasaWatch Home page -- Run by a former NASA engineer, this site is good for keeping up with the American space agency.
SpaceRef home page -- Good site for space news.
Space industry news -- SpaceandTech home page. Good tech info on rockets and hardware.

Military Links

U.S. Air Force
Moody Air Force Base -- The official site of the 347th Wing. This wing sports fighter training squadrons and two rescue squadrons. The site has some good aircraft image files.
F-4E Weapons Control Radar System
--  A great site for a decent breakdown of the capabilities of the F-4E. Good for gamers who want to go beyond the manual
The Aviation History On-line Museum -- Good site for historical information on aircraft and informative articles.
U.S. Military Aircraft -- This is one outstanding site. It sports background text files on just about every military aircraft. If you want to know the model number of the 50th F-4 "Phantom II" to roll off McDonnell Douglas's plant and what it was equipped with, then head here.

AII POW-MIA -- The best resource concerning POWs from all wars. Concentrates on Vietnam, though.
The Ravens -- Official site of Raven pilots -- slow moving Forward Air Controllers who flew secret missions over Laos during the war.

The Federation of American Scientists --  Good link with info files on even the most obscure Pentagon departments and programs. A lot of materials here that used to declassified and now is -- well not Top Secret -- but informative.
Technology Links -- Good all around links to needed and obscure resource sites on technology advancements from the microcomputer to the automobile.


Newspapers & Magazines
The Washington Post -- The Capital's and the nation's best, most well known newspapers. Good source of breaking political and national news.
The Boston Globe -- The best paper for well written, informative news articles. Good source of info as well as a place for writers to learn their craft.
Salon -- Eclectic, energetic, newsmagazine which has daily updates as well as montly features.
International Affairs.Com -- On-line journal for international affairs. Good for hard to come by info.


James Bond 007, OHMSS --  The #1 Bond site, by Kimberly Last. It features all the latest news, reviews, trivia and information
Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang -- The official site of the "Ian Fleming Foundation," by Panos Sambrakos, David Morefield and Deane Barker. Features exclusive interviews with famous Bond personalities, rare graphics and multimedia clips, and the FAQ

La Femme Nikita
USA Network- La Femme Nikita Page -- The USA Network guide to the show. Good way to keep up on upcoming episodes and contests.
Warner Bros. Official LFN Page -- The WB's page. One of the underwriters of the show.
Acceptable Collateral Acres -- Row 8, Plot 30 -- Good site with plenty of plot spoilers, episode lists and photos. Good links section.



Air Combat
MiG Shootdown
Diversion Raid
Ace's First Kill
Fast FACs
Paveway History

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