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Favorite Books

Aside from Alexander Dumas' "The Three Musketeers," I am more of a fan of book series than individual books (I suppose Dumas' Musketeers qualifies for this too as there was a sequel). Here's a look at some of the series of books I have enjoyed (again these are just recommendations, buy 'em, read 'em or leave 'em I don't care):

David Gerrolds Matter For Men series.
A Matter For Men (1983)
A Day For Damnation (1985)
A Rage For Revenge (1988)
A Season For Slaughter (1992)

The world has been ravaged by wars, plagues and now some type of huge alien caterpillar is plowing around eating people. Young, immature James McCarthy is thrust into military service to try and deal with the pending invasion. Throughout the series, he grows through military service and eventually commands men and women in battle. McCarthy faces what we all do in daily life -- setbacks, depression and the same bumbling idiots that almost always get us killed.
These yarns are not only brilliant bits of fiction, but also a homage to Robert Heinlien's Starship Troopers. Gerrold breaks down society, politics and the military through brutal examination of our world. Sometimes you sit back and wish the cattepillar's would come so maybe some of this practical wisdom would be instigated.

Mark Berent's Court Bannister series.
Rolling Thunder (1989)
Steel Tiger (1990)
Phantom Leader (1991)
Eagle Station (1992)
Storm Flight (1995)

If you're interested in the untold story of fighter pilots and special forces troops during the Vietnam War, then these books are for you.
These are outstanding studies of military men and command. Well worth a read just to see how people react under stress. The series traces Bannister from a U.S. Air Force captain flying ground attack missions through his time as fighter pilot seeking five victories to liaison work with a bomber group at the end of the war.