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Air Combat
MiG Shootdown
Diversion Raid
Ace's First Kill
Fast FACs
Life in the Desert

These are stories and photos from a trip I made to Kuwait in later February and early March of 1999. I lived with Air Force personnel at two desert locations -- one about 20 miles from Iraq.

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Desert Life -- From alerts to rescues, troops stay as busy as they can in Kuwait.
PJs in Practice -- Find out why the U.S. Air Force's elite pararescue jumpers have to practice to keep their combat edge.
Precision Guided Munitions -- The bread and butter of our F-16 squadrons. Here's why those laser guided bombs are so important.
Tent Life -- These aren't you grandfathers tents anymore. Life in austere surroundings can be "tempered" slightly with the military's shelter tents.
Kuwait City -- The Kuwaitis have waited a decade to restore their nation.
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