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Shelby G Spires
104 Moss Oak Drive
Valdosta, Georgia 31601
(912) 241-1350

     What will grow to comprise $108 billion of our retail economy by 2003?
     Answer: Retail commerce on the Internet.
     Those who understand the impact of this will benefit. Those who do not will only be left behind in a business which changes daily. I understand the need to be able to communicate the importance of Internet and computing trends to business people and regular readers alike.
     I have an unquenchable thirst to know how not only what's the latest, fastest and hottest Pentium or G-4 driven machine, but also how events like the recent earthquake in Taiwan will shape the most important industry of our time. The computer and telecommunications industries provide the most important piece of the infrastructure of our lives. I want to help people understand this fact.
    I feel my track record speaks for itself. But recently, on Oct. 27, 1999, just minutes after receiving the word an F/A-18 from the U.S. Navy aerial demonstration team The Blue Angels had crashed, I coordinated and led a team of reporters to cover the story. During the day, I took the lead on writing updates and getting them out on the newspapers website
www.sgaonline.com. We beat every major competitor in getting information out to the local community about the crash and its aftermath.
     I'm a proven, award winning editor, web designer, web editor, and military reporter, who has covered technology, computers, telecommunications, the military in general and the Air Force specifically for the past five years. I have won four Associated Press awards, one for deadline coverage of a fighter crash, and I am interested in utilizing my skills to produce vibrant, informative  packages of text, graphics and photographs for publication.
     For the past six years I have been an editor and reporter and I have managed a staff of three as well as 15 freelance writers, columnists, photographers, and illustrators.
I have included my resume for  review.
     Thanks for your time.



          Shelby G. Spires


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